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How To Build a Fence For Yard or Garden (Part 1)

Erecting Fence Frame

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Cost of Supplies: $300 (includes 75ft of fencing, one gate with latches, wire fencing, etc)

Build Time: 1 week (faster if you have more than 1 person or a tractor to dig holes)



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Yes Folks, after months of procrastinating I finally I finally rolled up my sleeves and decided to take the plunge on  building a neighbor-friendly fence.  I live on 5 acres and needed to fence in a smaller area around my house to contain my dogs and critters.  The task sounded daunting, but after I got started it was easier than I thought!


Since funds were  EHEM, very short, I decided to first take a look around the property to see if I had any lumber laying around.  To my delight, I found a good number of 2x4s and some 2x3s….PERFECT!  I decided to build a 4ft fence using the 2x4s as the fence posts and the 2x3s as the top rail.  After figuring how much wood I still needed, I proceeded to Home Depot….




  • 2x4s (fence posts should be spaced 4-8ft apart-figure how many posts are needed for length of fence)
  • 3in wood screws
  • Concrete bags (same number as there are fence posts)
  • No Climb Wire Fencing (same length as fence plus 1 1/2ft for every beginning and 1 1/2 for every end)
  • 2 hinges and 1 latch for every gate




  • Staple gun with air compressor & staples
  • Come-along
  • Shovel
  • Chop Saw (with blade for cutting wood)
  • String for leveling (same length as fence will be)
  • Hand Drill with bits
  • Tape measure & level
  • Wire cutters (I don’t have strong hands so a grinder works best for me for cutting wire)
  • Pliers (for tightening wire)


I pounded two metal stakes in the ground, each one where I wanted my two end posts, and stretched a string between them.  The string gave me a straight line to mark where I wanted to dig holes for the rest of the posts…all I had on hand was a bag of bells to mark where the holes would be, teeheehee 😉


Tip: Where I wanted my gate, I made sure to mark two holes for posts, the same width as what I wanted my gate to be.




Holes should be dug 1/3 the height of your fence.  For my 4ft tall fence, I dug 16in deep holes (the width of my holes were 8-10in wide) and each hole was 4ft apart.  I also measured my fence posts the height that I wanted them but before cutting, I made sure to add on that extra 16 inches that was going to be buried in the ground.


Tip: For hard ground, start a 3 inch deep hole.  Fill it with water and let it soak in.  Do this as many times as needed, alternating between digging and soaking.  It will make the digging SO MUCH easier!




I then filled the holes with dry concrete, stopping just below the surface of the ground (the concrete will hold your post in place so you can level them).




Stretching a string along the top of one end post to the other end post, I used a level to make sure they were level.  Then I just tapped the crooked posts with a hammer till they were exactly where I wanted them.


Tip: If you have nowhere to tie the end of the string you can have someone hold it.








On corner posts I made sure that my top rail was going to line up straight by gently laying my 2x3s (top rail) across the top of my posts.  If the corner post needed adjusting I just tapped it in place with my hammer.  (I didn’t have a ‘before’ pic so try to imagine the wire not being there…heehee




I then filled the concrete holes with water and let the concrete set for a day




It was now time to start the top rail   Starting at the end post, I layed a 2×3 across the tops of the fence posts.  My fence posts are about 4ft apart from each other so I had to measure how long each top rail would reach.


Tip: I made sure to leave room on the fence post to start a new toprail.




With my 3in wood screws, I screwed the top rail down into each fence post




On corners I not only screwed the top rail into the posts, but I screwed the top rail into each other




With my gate opening, I measured and cut the top rail flush with the fence post




The fence was really starting to take shape!

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