It’s time to go fishin’!

This is a fun and EASY way to decorate the punch bowl area for a Sea party.  All the guests just love this creative way to have their punch served!

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  • Hawaiian Punch – Berry Blue Typhoon
  • Sprite, 7-Up or Gingerale to add fizz
  • Fishing pole set with fish  – Party City (you can also buy it HERE)
  • A different fishing pole set with fish – Dollar Tree (I untied the hook and tied it to the string on larger pole above.  I also hooked one of these fish to the hook)

(I liked the larger fishing pole from Party City but swapped the hook and one of the fish from the Dollar Tree fishing pole set because they looked more realistic)

After mixing up my blue punch and pouring it into the punch bowl, I added some toy fish to swim around in a ‘sea’ of sweet punch deliciousness…no pun intended 🙂

(I ran my newly purchased fish through the dishwasher before adding them to the punch bowl)

I tried a few different types of toy fish, but the ones I ended up using were from this little magnetic fishing set.  These little fishies floated perfectly in the water, unlike the first ones that kept floating upside down…and we all know what that means for a fish!!!

The fishing pole that I bought from the Dollar Tree was anchored down by burying the handle into a glass vase filled with sea shells

I then added some other little sea creature decorations around the display, like my cute googly eyed puffer fish

…and of course the blow up dolphin found at the good ol’ dollar store!

Last but not least we can’t forget the ladle for scooping up the sea water punch with!

This punch bowl is ready for some party fishin’!

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