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Have you ever been invited to a wedding and didn’t have the foggiest on what to get the new couple?  You want to give them something different, unique and yet meaningful, right?  Well then, you can’t go wrong with this project!  It’s simple, from the heart, and best of all VERY affordable!


  • Wire for hanging (you can also use an old horseshoe)
  • Piece of paper (used to make a stencil for the large letter)
  • Pencil or pen (to trace large letter onto paper)
  • Scissors (to cut out large letter stencil)
  • Small plastic container to mix paint
  • Paint pallet (I used a paper plate)
  1. Old Pallet wood planks (mine were old 1x4s and I used 3 that were at different lengths to give a more rustic look)
  2. Clear spray enamel (spray onto completed sign to give it a finished look)
  3. Two colors of acrylic paint for the letters-mine were about a dollar each for the small bottles at Wal-mart
  4. White acrylic paint (for white-washing the pallet boards)
  5. Paint brush
  6. Stencils
  7. Large letter stencil-used for the beginning letter of the couple’s last name (I used a wooden letter bought in the craft section at Wal-Mart and made my own stencil
  8. Four 2in long mending plates with screws (to screw boards together)
  9. Stencil sponge applicator

7-27-2016 9-37-11 AM

7-27-2016 10-03-48 AM

Assemble the pallet planks how you want them to look

7-22-2016 3-51-28 PM

Using the mending plates, screw the back of the pallets together


Time to whitewash the pallets!  Squeeze a little white paint into the plastic container (I squeezed out about a tablespoon)


Then add a little water to dilute the paint (I added about 3 or 4tbsp of water)


Mix it all up


Scrape side of container with paintbrush to wipe off excess paint, and then gently brush along wood

7-22-2016 4-06-49 PM

Brush long ways, with the grain

7-27-2016 10-19-49 AM

Notice how I painted more within the middle didn’t paint much around the edges…

7-22-2016 4-05-40 PM

Looks great!


Now set up the stencils where you want them.

7-22-2016 4-11-35 PM

Using the stencil sponge, carefully dab one color of paint onto smaller stencils (to avoid smearing, dab excess paint from sponge before applying)


To make my large letter stencil, I simply traced the wooden letter onto a piece of paper…


…and carefully cut it out with my scissors


With my other paint color, I dabbed my stencil sponge into the large letter stencil (sorry for the blurry pic!)



I couldn’t decide if I was going to hang this particular sign with a horseshoe or just a simple piece of wire…


I decided on the wire for this one so I drilled two holes on the top of the sign, one at each end


Then I attached my wire through the holes.



7-22-2016 4-34-37 PM

For this second sign I ended up using a horseshoe for hanging.  To see how I attach horseshoes to my signs, click HERE

7-22-2016 4-35-59 PM

Now it’s your turn to give this project a whirl!

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