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DIY Pool Noodle Coral Reef Seaweed

6-22-2016 6-32-38 PM

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Oh the many fun things you can make out of pool noodles, and a coral reef display to show off at an ‘Under the Sea’ themed party is no exception!  These displays light up the room as each one is as unique as the next.

Since coral can be as colorful as the rainbow, it’s fun lugging home all sorts of brightly colored noodles, mixing and matching them as you put the display together!

This orange lobster looks as happy as a clam, hanging out in his green seaweed

Here’s another display made with different colored pool noodles and a sea horse…it turned out just as cute!

You can add shells, blow up fish, or whatever else you can think of that lives in the sea to finish off your coral reef!

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  1. Linda Harris

    Love the coral made with pool noodles, want to know how to cut them.

    • Tee

      I’m glad you like them Linda! The complete instructions on how to cut them is available to all of my subscribers. To subscribe for free click HERE.

  2. Karen Rojas

    I subscribed but cannot get to the actual tutorial giving directions 🙁

    • Tee

      Hi Karen,
      I just sent you an email to fix the problem…let me know if you still need help! 🙂

  3. Aimee Morehead

    I have subscribed but can not view the actual tutorial for making coral out of pool noodles.

    • Tee

      No problem Aimee!

      I just sent you an email that should get you there…let me know if you’re still having trouble!

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