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DIY Patriotic Three Tiered Stand

DIY Patriotic Three Tiered Stand/Tray

DIY Patriotic Three Tiered Stand/Tray


A few days ago, I went to visit my mom.  She always has her house decked out to a ‘T’ for every possible holiday, and this time, the house was adorned all over with red, white and blue for the Fourth of July.

One of my favorite displays she had put together was a simple three-tiered stand that took about twenty minutes to throw together.

All you really need is a two or three-tiered stand and a handful of assorted red, white, and blue patriotic decorations, a little greenery and a few burlap pieces placed to fill the open spaces.  Anyone can do this!

DIY Patriotic Three Tiered Stand or Tray – Tutorial

To make this display, first gather all the small seasonal items you have and play around with what looks good in the display.

  • 2 small galvanized buckets (Hobby Lobby)
  • a small metal pinwheel (Hobby Lobby)
  • 2 small wood signs (Kathy’s Primitives)
  • a small vintage bottle (thrift store)
  • 4th of July Straws with Pinwheels (99 Cents Store)
  • miniature wagon (thrift store)
  • 3 American flags (Michaels) 2 were standard parade flags and 1 smaller flag
  • 1 wooden, burlap covered, patriotic star (Hobby Lobby), red and white stripes
  • 1 wooden, burlap covered, patriotic star (Hobby Lobby), blue with white stars
  • a stem of geraniums (Hobby Lobby) cut apart to use separately
  • burlap – cut into 2 inch strips, 6 to 8 inches long, folded in half, scrunched at fold and tied with florist wire
  • a boxwood stem (Hobby Lobby) – cut into small pieces)
  • 5 figurines (these are listed individually farther down)


Arrange the pieces in each tier so they look balanced and cute.  My mom placed one bucket in the back of the top tier, with the antique bottle placed inside it.  She filled the antique bottle with the cutest, 4th of July, pinwheel straws (99 Cent Store). The other bucket was placed in the back of the bottom tier. She cut 2 inch strips of burlap (6 to 8 inches long), folded them in half, scrunched them and tied them at the fold with wire. These were placed inside both the buckets, and also poking out behind the figures. She also placed the cut up pieces of greenery in the areas that just needed filling.   Last, she placed 2 flags poking out of the bottom bucket, and a smaller one out of the top bucker. You are done!  Enjoy!


If you were wondering where to get these cute patriotic figurines in the display, I have included a link for you below. These fun little Lori Mitchell figurines make this display adorable but you could use any cute figurines!


Franklin Freedom

Little Patriotic Boy

Little Betsy Ross

Aye Aye Adam

Now doesn’t this want to make one too?  Happy 4th of July!

DIY Patriotic Three Tiered Stand or Tray


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  1. Tink

    I just LOVE this! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. Audrey

    I really like this. So very patriotic. Nice 4th of July display. Audrey

    • Tee

      Hi Audrey, now it’s your turn to give it at try! 🙂

  3. DeeAnn

    Your 4th of July stand is adorable! Thanks for sharing!

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