DIY Easter Banner

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The other day my Mom text me a pic with the words… ‘Look what I made!’

It was an adorable little Easter banner she had whipped together using bunny faces made from chipboard


I quickly text her back, ‘I want one!  Where do I find everything???’

…and the rest is history.

Here’s how we made them 🙂


  • Hot glue gun (optional if you decide to add any decorations to your shapes)
  • Scissors (for cutting string)
  • Hand drill with bit (to drill holes into shapes for hanging)


  • Spray paint or acrylic paint in various Easter colors (pastel colors work great)-this will only be needed if your wood shapes and chipboard shapes are not already colored
  • As you can see, my Mom used colorful tassels tied in-between her bunnies, but I decided to mix and match my shapes instead…there’s no right way so use your imagination!)
  1. String (I used Jute string for a rustic look).  I used 5ft of string but it all depends on how long you want your banner to be
  2. Various Easter chipboard or wood shapes (I used both and mixed and matched).  I found mine (during Easter time of course) at Target in the dollar section, but you can find them at almost any craft store during Easter season
  3. Decorations to add to your shapes (optional).  I used white pom poms to add a little fluff to my bunnies’ tails

4-11-2017 3-41-36 PM

I found my shapes at Target in the dollar section and they were already pre-painted, which saved me a step, WOOT!


After purchasing my shapes at Target, I found these cute wood shapes at Joanns…they were just as adorable and would have worked just as well!

0406171132 0406171132a

First of all, if your shapes aren’t already painted, do it now!

Then add any extras, like my little pom pom tails



Drill two small holes at the top of your shape…I put one in each bunny ear tip (make sure to drill on a piece of scrap wood)


Then slide the string through…


With the eggs, I drilled two holes closer together



String it all up and boom, your done!  Looking Easter-ly festive!!!!



Here’s another one I did using the bunny heads that my mom used…it turned out just as well!

0410171628~2~2 0411170931

Now it’s your turn, lets see what you come up with!  Happy Easter!

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