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DIY Attractive Easy-Drain Duck Pond

Make sure to watch my little ‘Duck Tale’ about Momma Duck and her pond!

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DIY Attractive Easy-Drain Duck Pond


Isn’t this just the coolest duck pond ever???  It’s easy to drain and clean, AND it easy on the eyes!  (and I just love the little water fall that fills it up too)

It seems that our 3 little quackers love it also, those Lucky Ducks!!!

But the biggest question of the day is, “How does the pond drain,” right???

Well of course!

The answer to that big question is, with one twist of this handle.


My pond drains at a lower level of ground in my yard.  All I did was to attach a simple backwash hose to the drain.  This allows me to water different areas of my yard with the drain water to avoid oversaturating the same area.   I love that the hose is simple to remove with one easy tug!

My little pond can be drained whenever needed, and I don’t have to get into my icky clothes to do it (and that’s just the best thing ever), because let’s be frank…

Ducks like to poo in their water…


Now I could’ve just put out a plastic kiddy pool, but those are such a pain to lift and dump every day, and it’s just no fun getting splashed by all of that yucky water.

I wanted something that was easy to drain every day, refill with clean water, AND looked nice too.

…but let me explain the REAL reason why I finally broke down and built this awesome pond.

My sad ducky story…

It all started a few months ago when I bought this really cool pet water bowl for the dogs and kitties.  It’s called the Hydro Pet and it hooks up to my drip system.  When it turns on, it’s self cleaning, self filling, and hence the dogs and cats always have fresh water.

I was so excited about this new bowl, but there was only one problem.

Our Mama Duck is obsessed with water TO AN EXTREME!

From the first day of hooking up my fancy new water bowl, this is what went on all day.

…every day.

…for weeks and weeks.

She just wouldn’t leave the bowl, and the dogs couldn’t get to their water.


So, I ended up putting out a separate glass bowl of water for the dogs and kitties, which completely killed the point of having an automatic water bowl!

Consequently, construction of the new pond finally began…


By the way, you’ll notice in the video that there are a couple small differences than in my finished instructions below.  I changed the location of the drain hole in the bottom of my pond and also the location of my drain shut-off valve.

When I first made the pond, I used a leach line method by burying a ton of rocks underneath my pond and having the pond drain into the ground.  Alas, this only worked for about a week as the ground stopped taking in the water, and my pond stopped draining…UGH!

To make a long story short, I ended up digging up and redoing my whole pond and this time putting in a drain that led to a lower part of the yard.  My second attempt is fool proof from clogging my drain…WHEW!

DIY Attractive Easy-Drain Duck Pond Tutorial


  • Chop saw (for cutting PVC pipe)
  • Hand drill
  • Diamond bit hole saw-I used one at 50mm in diameter (I bought it HERE)
  • Shovel and pick


  • A mound of dirt or rock to sink your plastic pond into (for good drainage, the bottom of your pond needs to be at a slightly higher level (like an inch) than the lower ground where the drain water will be drained to.
  • PVC Cement and Primer
  • Marine-grade silicone (for sealing off drain)
  • Flagstone or decorative rock (to make it nice for the finishing touch!)
  • 1 – backwash hose – 2 inch diameter  (for draining water to different areas of your yard)  For attaching hose to drain pipe you’ll also need a 2in hose clamp and a piece of 1-1/2 inch diameter pvc pipe (about 1/2ft)
  • 1 – Hard plastic pond liner (I used a 30 gallon one, which worked just fine for 3 ducks, but you can go as big as you want) I bought mine at Lowes
  • 1 – Plastic 1-1/2 inch diameter shut-off valve (this will be your drain valve)
  • 1 – Coupling (1-1/2 inch diameter) with threaded male end (drain)
  • 1 – Coupling ( 1-1/2 inch diameter) with threaded female end (drain)
  • 1 – PVC pipe (1-1/2 inch diameter) the length depends on how far away you want your dirty drain water to be carried away from the pond (I used a 4 foot piece)
  • 1 – Coupling (1-1/2 inch diameter)
  • 1 – Valve Box (6 inch)
  • 1 – PVC Pipe (1-1/2 inch diameter) 12 inches long (You will attach your drain hose to one end and the other end will be pushed into the end of the drain pipe).










Preparing the ground:

Since I use flood irrigation to water my yard, my chicken coop already sat on a dirt pad that was somewhat higher than the rest of my yard, to keep it from getting flooded when I irrigated the yard.  All I had to do was dig a hole to sink my pond into it.  If you don’t have this, simply dump a mound of dirt or rocks in the area you want your pond, then sink your pond into the center of the mound.

Attaching the drain to the pond:

Using the hole saw, cut a hole in the side-bottom of your pond.

Find your #3 coupling, cut off the smooth side and throw it away.  You will only be using the threaded side (This will serve as the actual drain opening that attaches to the bottom of your pond).

Gather both your #4 coupling along with the #3.

Place the #4 coupling on the outside of the pond and the #3 coupling on the inside, (sandwiching the pond in-between them), screw both couplings together tightly.  The tighter you get them, the better seal you’ll get, and you may not need the silicone to seal the drain later.

Glue together your drain shut-off valve (#2) to your pvc pipe (#5)

Attach and glue this assembly to the outer drain hole of your pond.  For good drainage, your pvc pipe should have a slight downward slope, from the pond to the lower part of the ground. (If it’s not a steep slope, no worries…a slight slope works also)

I attached another 1ft long pvc pipe with a coupling on the end.

Next, set the valve box on top of the drain shut-off valve.

Fill it all in with dirt.

Add some silicone around the drain to seal from leaking.

Your drain hole should look like this

Attach your backwash hose to a short piece of pvc pipe with the hose clamp (#8 supplies), and simply push the pvc pipe into the hole

Your pond is ready to drain!

My hose will divert the dirty pond water to any part of my yard!

To drain, simply twist the drain shut-off valve

To go a step further, my handy hubby welded up this cool little extension tee handle so that I don’t even have to stick my hand down into the valve box to drain the pond.  Simply stick the bottom end of this extension onto the handle of the drain valve and twist!

Waterfall Pond Filler:

To create the water fall, a simple line of PVC was connected to my on/off water spicket, and run up along the side of the chicken coop. I attached another 9o degree elbow and ran more pipe along the roof so it was overhanging a little ways from the edge.  A 45 degree coupling was pushed onto the end of the pipe to direct the water slightly to the right, and smack dab into the pond.


To finish it off, I added some decorative flagstone around the perimeter. I did this by first placing the flagstone where I wanted it, then poured dirt on top of the stone to fill in the cracks in-between. After all the cracks were filled, I swept the remaining dirt off of the stones, then lightly sprinkled some water over it all. Doing this holds the stones in place.

My ducks are now happy campers and swim in clean water every day! I get a lot of compliments on the pond as well.  Don’t you agree that it turned out great?!!

Have a Lucky Ducky Day!!!

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DIY Attractive Easy-Drain Duck Pond


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  1. Tink

    Hi Tee, This is sooooo adorable! I’m glad Mama Duck has her little pond! What a cool project and such a cute little video. You make me smile! Thanks for sharing!

    • Tee

      Hi Tink,

      AWWW, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! …and I just love hearing from my readers! See you in my next post 😉

  2. Gail

    I enjoying seeing your blogs. Thank you for sharing.

    • Tee

      Hi Gail!

      So glad you enjoy them! I just love hearing from my readers and I’ll be seeing you soon in my next post 😉
      Have a beautiful day!!!

  3. Amber adams

    Wonderful ideal and very attractive to the eyes. Great video and step by step instructions. Would you like a white male duck? I need to find a home for him.

    Thank you for all your great projects!


    • Tee

      Hi Amber!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post!
      Oh I so wish I could take your little duck but I’m pretty full with ducks and chickens right now, not to mention the neighbor’s flock loves to come visit everyday also LOL
      Hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂

  4. I love it! Thanks for sharing!

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