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Easy DIY Vehicle Heart Attack

Yep, there’s nothing more fun than sneaking around late Valentine’s Eve, heart attacking someone’s vehicle!  The look on their face Valentine’s Day is priceless, especially if it’s a guy and they have to drive their car to work like this…


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  • a few packets of cheap plastic window clings

These are so cheap and easy and the best part is they’re much safer to use on the paint than something like heart-cut construction paper, in which the dye can bleed and stain the vehicle if it rains…OOPS.

How do I know this???

Yep, it happened to me…

Surprise turned disaster. (it was horrible)

They have no sticky residue on the back and simply static cling to any smooth surface.   If these don’t cling well, make sure the surface of the paint is clean and smooth.  You can also dampen the backs with a sponge before sticking if needed.  I’ve found that a few of them will eventually fall off if the car is driven at high speeds, but for the most part they stick pretty well!

Now go out there and heart-attack your Sweet-Heart’s vehicle!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. One year I put on really red lipstick & kissed my husband’s windshield while he was teaching. His students freaked out because they thought it was a fellow student. 🙂

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