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DIY Soap Bubble Snake Maker

7-14-2016 2-54-04 PM

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How to Build a One Rope Tree Swing

8-27-2016 11-39-18 AM

Cost of Supplies: $15 (Cheaper if you have scraps of wood laying around)

Build Time: 1-2 hours

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How to Build a Log Fort or Clubhouse in the Woods

8-27-2016 12-29-32 PM


Cost of Supplies: FREE!

Build Time: 3-4 hours

How To Build Kid Size Picnic Table Out of Old Recycled Pallets


Cost of Supplies: $30 (if you buy all your wood new)
Build Time: 3 hours

DIY Teeter Totter / Seesaw From Old Recycled Tire


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